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Hanging Catch Tray in Cream

Hanging Catch Tray in Cream

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The Watering Struggle:

We've all been there, frond! Watering day usually leads to questionable decisions when it comes to getting those plant bb's the drink they need. From standing on not-so-sturdy objects to get a hanging plant down & to the sink. To holding a watering can in one hand + a bowl in the other, in order to catch the drainage. OR maybe worst of all, you use a pot with no drainage so you don't have to deal with the watering hassle all together *gasp* (please don't do this BTW).

The Solution:

Here is where this hanging catch tray becomes the handiest plant essential. It simply hangs from any 4"-9" planter and catches ALL of the drainage. When the plant has been watered, it can be removed, emptied, and placed on the next plant. If watering is done for the day, simply leave it hanging! The stunning design will look like an intentional piece of plant decor amongst the rest of your planty jungle.

Product Info:

The catch trays themselves, are made from Wheat Straw which is practically unbreakable, and lightweight. All while being environmentally friendly compared to plastic. Chains are made of heavy duty metal, and are anti-rust! Each hanging catch tray is made to order, upon your choice of black or gold chain.

Chains are 9.5" long

Catch tray is 9.6' wide x 3.5" deep, and comfortably holds 50 fl oz. of drainage water.

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