"Meet Chantel" sh/an/tell

Hi there frond! Welcome to what I call channygrayhome!

Its pronounced like: sh-annie-gray-home and "channy" is a nickname my husband gave me when we first met over 10 years ago! I began my "home" DIY page (@channygrayhome) on Instagram during the pandemic when I was pregnant and DIY'ing the heck out of our first home! We had just become debt free, and I retired from teaching to become a stay at home mom. Soon enough, the belly was getting rather large and the DIY's had to slow down. BUT, as someone with ADHD, my mind and body are always looking for stimulation. I needed something NEW. Here enters - houseplant hyperfixation.

For several months I had been trying not to unalive succulents and was just beginning to dabble into houseplants. I remember the night when I ordered a Fiddle Leaf Fig and Snake Plant online. I excitedly awaited for them both to arrive, and had no clue how absolutely OBSESSED I'd be come. Had I not bought one of the most troublesome plants in houseplant history (that darn FLF) I probably would not be where I am today. I was in for a rude awakening as she was about to unalive herself. I obviously had no choice but to become a walking houseplant encyclopedia and learn everything possible there is to know! I was frustrated with how complicated and inconsistent everything was that I was researching, and ended up learning the hard way. Through trial and error with my poor FLF, I learned it all. From, mealy bugs, to fungus gnats, to soil, to pot size, lighting and watering. I did it all wrong, so I could eventually do it all right. Oh gosh... thats cheesy, but true.

I soon gained the confidence to expand my collection and started adding more plants! I delivered my daughter, and shortly was back to documenting my DIY's in the house. To my surprise, no one cared about my DIY's, as much as they cared about these darn green things growing everywhere! I quickly realized that this was what I was meant to do. Not only did I have this great love for houseplants, but it filled that teaching itch that I had. I remembered how frustrating the beginning stages of plant parenthood were, and made it my mission to help others on their jungle journey. Fast-forward several years later, and here we are! At nearly 200 houseplants, and an amazing following on IG and TikTok, with other crazy plant people like myself! YOU are making this possible, and I love that you're here on this jungle journey with me!

xo- chantel

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